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4-piece Beginner costume
Price: $125 +SH

4 pieces: veil, skirt, bra/belt set

B/C cup, skirt length up to 5'2",

adjustable belt up to 39' hips.

Made in Egypt. Seller Lena HERE


Madamme Abbla Price: $300 +$10SH

Exquisite by M. Abla designer to the

stars. Hand beaded, rich blue/green

covered & padded bra & mini skirt.

3 pieces. B-C cup, 35-38' hip, 5'4"-5'7"

Almost new. Seller Sahar HERE


Never Worn Price: $250 +SH

Bra cup B-C Belt 36-38" adjustable

for smaller hips. 3-tier Skirt 5'2".

half circle veil w/ silver trim. Seller

Michelle HERE or 858-357-3205


4-piece Semi Professional Costume
Price: $300 +SH

4 pieces: chiffon circle skirt, bra/belt

C/D cup, skirt 33"length, Adjustable

belt up to 43.5' hips. Made in Egypt. Worn

only twice originally paid $400, selling

for $300. Seller Zivah HERE









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