Sahar Dance Technique Certification Program

There is a huge difference between being an ordinary dancer and an EXTRAaordinary dancer. Success only comes with a lot of dedication and hard work. Are you committed to being an EXTRAordnary dancer? If so, regardless of whether you are a student seeking recognition for your efforts, an amateur or a professional dancer or a dance teacher, obtaining your Sahar Dance certification will provide you with the recognition you deserve.

Certification For Students

If you are looking to learn proper technique execution, portraying Oriental Dance with respect and dignity, you want to obtain certification from a school that teaches authentic technique. The Academy of Egyptian Dance is dedicated to providing precise training to students who seek to explore the magic that is found in Egyptian belly dance. Let the world know you are dedicated to dance excellence by getting your certification from The Academy of Egyptian Dance. A certificate warrants that you have successfully completed the Sahar Dance curriculum requirements in the level in which you are certified. Certification is available for the following levels:

Level I - Basic Sahar Dance Technique: Students must exhibit fluidity in the execution of the Sahar Dance technique as described in the class syllabus.

Level II - Beginner Sahar Dance Technique: Building on foundations of Level I, students certified for Level II must execute Level II technique, layering and perform a full beginner choreography.

Level III - Intermediate Sahar Dance Technique: Fluidity, perfection in the execution of intermediate combinations and confidence on the dance floor required. Body alignment including arms and feet must always be perfectly positioned. Students are required to perform advanced turns, arabesques and shimmies to perfection as well as the ability to manipulate a variety of props and perform intermediate level choreography.

Level IV - Advanced Sahar Dance Technique: Building the professional dancer, this certification requires that the dancer understand and interpret the various rhythms in Oriental Dance. She must also be able to perform a variety of folkloric dances and improvise to a variety of music using props as required by the type of dance.

Certification For Dancers

Oriental Dancer: Join the rank of prestigious dancers who are classified as "professional" by obtaining your Dancer certification from The Academy of Egyptian Dance. Enhance your professional image and gain respect from the dance community as a dancer dedicated to portraying Oriental Dance with utmost respect and professionalism.

Certification For Instructors

Being a dance instructor takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Being a great dancer alone does not make a great instructor. Teaching involves a commitment to excellence; Much more than teaching steps or technique, teaching requires a solid knowledge and understanding of the dance itself -- its roots, its music, its culture and the ability to stay current with trends. Based on her solid dance foundation and extensive experience, Sahar Sami has prepared a thorough training program for Dance Instructors who wish to be recognized as leading edge, outstanding instructors.

Level I Instructor Certification: This level of instruction certification ensures that instructors speak and teach a common Oriental Dance language. Following the Sahar Dance Technique Curriculum, Level I is the "Alphabet" of Oriental Dance. Instructors must be able to break each step into its smallest component and identify the muscles used in technique. The instructor must be able to demonstrate the ability to identify and correct individual student execution problems and create simple, but fun, technically proficient, combinations and choreographies. Pre-requisite: LIII student certification, physical/verbal and written test. Annual continuing education hours are required to maintain active certification.

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Level II Instructor Certification: Coming soon!

Level III Instructor Certification: Coming soon!

SaharDance is dedicated to dance excellence and to promoting Egyptian Oriental Dance for its beauty, history, impecable technique and fun workout in San Diego and beyond.

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