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The Academy of Egyptian Dance, 10788 Roselle Street, Suite 103, San Diego, CA 92121

General Information: or 858-717-4252


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Yoga with Zizi






There are 12 classes in each quarter. Registration for the full quarter is required for LI (except for special courses), all other levels can do full quarter or pay a drop in fee of $15/class. Insentive provided to students who take multiple classes reflected in prices bellow. The Bollywood and Intro to Belly Dance classes are 6 classes in half a quarter. By purchasing classes here, you agree to the Class Policy below.

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Give the Gift of Dance --The perfect gift for every ocassion.

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Personalized private classes to help the student fine tune her dance, identify problem areas and develop a plan of action to move to the next level. $75/hour. Shared private rates available upon request.


Class Policy

Refund Policy: If for some reason your schedule changes after you've registered, we'll gladly provide a refund upon written notice, however there is a $25 cancellation fee. No refunds will be granted after the first class of the quarter, however, we would like to acommodate special circumstances by allowing the student to make up remaining classes during the next session after which the student registered (special permission required). Registrations are non-transferable.

Workshop Refund Policy: There will be no refunds for workshops under any circumstances.

Late Registration: Students who do not register by the first day of class will pay an additional $25 late registration fee.

Make-Up: Attending class regularly is critical for a dancer’s progress and development. Students can make up ONE class per month in any level below their currently registered class. If the student wants to experience the challenge of classes in a level above their currently registered level, they may do so with instructor approval only. Students must request a "make-up" class card after they have missed class.

Cancellation: Classes are subject to cancellation if insufficient students sign-up for the quarter. We will provide alternate classes or refund your payment if for some reason we need to cancel a class.

Soliciting: Soliciting, selling, distributing flyers, promoting outside events, etc. is prohibited at the studio.

Attire Policy: Students are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and jazz or modern dance shoes/sandals. Beginner students are required to wear stretchy pants that show knee movement as well as tight or cropped top that shows the movement of the abdominal muscles.

Class Etiquette: We wish to promote an environment that is fun and condusive to learning. Students are required to arrive on time. We kindly request that you refrain from chatting while classes are in session. This behavior is distracting to both the instructor and the other students. Also, please turn off your cell-phones while inside the studio.

Studio Policy: Street shoes are not permitted inside the dance area of the studio. Help us keep the studio floor clean by kindly removing your shoes when you enter the studio. Place your personal items in the cubicles provided. Do not bring valuable items to the studio. The studio, its management and instructors are not responsible for lost or damaged personal property. If you arrive early and another class is in progress, you may wait in the reception area. No eating or drinking (except water) in the studio. Please keep our studio clean! (For complete studio policy, please ask your instructor).

Children: Kids registered in class must be accompanied by an adult. In order to ensure the children's attention in class, adults acompanying children will not be allowed in the dance studio while the child is in class. Instead, they can wait in the reception room or ourside the studio where they will have visibility of their kids at all times. However, adults must come inside the studio to pick up their child. For the child's safety, kids will not be allowed to meet their parents outside the studio.

Adult students who wish to bring their kid to class must only do so with prior instructor approval.

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