Class Description

Our classes use Sahar' Sami's Egyptian Technique (SET) which follows a specific, formal structure designed to help the student become the best dancer she can be in the shortest amount of time. This format and structure was designed after almost 25 years of experience perfecting Egyptian technique and performing to Egyptian music. Sahar's copyright technique is based on clear definition of movement and a distinct repertoire. Our method of teaching include hands-on coaching, conditioning, drills, repetition, cumulative learning, choreography and interpretative movement. In our classes, we focus on teaching classical, modern and folkloric dances of Egypt. (Each class is one hour long; there are 12 classes in each quarter.) The dancer is developed via the following process:


This Basic Level course is designed for students who have less than one year of Egyptian-style belly dance or who have no prior Egyptian dance experience. In this class you are provided with a solid foundation, a necessity for anyone seeking to learn to belly dance including proper dance technique, posture and attitude. We combine basic technique with various combinations and choreography for a varied, challenging yet fun, toning workout. There are twelve (12) classes in one quarter.


The Level II course is an advanced beginner course that focuses on incorporating steps learned in the Level I basic technique course into fun, challenging combinations and dance routines while you polish basic technique, layer them together and learn new advanced technique. Students also learn beginner-level choreographies that often incorporate basic props. Students who have mastered at least one Level II choreography are invited to perform at student annual presentations. (Pre-requisite Level I or with Director's permission only).


The Level III Intermediate Technique course is designed to bring out the dancer in you. While in Levels I and II you are working on learning technique, n this class, we focus on further perfecting technique, advanced drills, transitions and interpretation of dance movement and music while incorporating basic props such as veils, zills, and cane technique. In this class, you are also introduced to Egyptian folkloric dances and are taught complex choreographies. (Pre-requisite, Level II plus Director's approval).


The Repretoire class is only available to students who are concurrently enrolled in Level III and/or Level IV. Students in this course are often invited to participate with The Glitter Dance Company in various dance events throughout the year.


In previous levels, you have learned to master technique and layer them into complex dance patterns. You have learned proper posture and balance and understand movement clearly. You are able to execute difficult isolations and combinations and can perform complex choreography. Now that you have mastered Level III you are ready to build the professional dancer in you. That is what we do in Level IV. We teach you the various key Egyptian dance rhythms and how to interpret music to various instruments found in an Egyptian Oriental show. We provide you with strength building technique and take the body to the extreme so that you can create exciting performances. You also learn to improvise to various types of Arabic music while building your own, individual, dance persona and style. You will learn very complex professional-level choreographies. (Pre-requisite: Requires the successful completion of Level III plus formal approval from school Director)

LEVEL IV-R (Glitter Dance Company REPERTOIRE):

This class is reserved exclusively to members of the Glitter Dance Company. This course is offered to prepare students for professional-grade performances. All members of the Glitter Dance Company must be registered in this course.


This class was created for students who have achieved a professional level of dance proficiensy, or who are not interested in becoming professional dancers but rather use dance as a form of exercise. In this class, we do not cover or review technique. Students registered in Level V will do advanced drills, combinations and choreographies with minimal, if any, explanations.


Personalized private classes are are available to help the student fine tune her dance, identify problem areas, review and critique their choreography and develop a plan of action tailored to the student's individual needs.

Classes Held At:
The Academy of Egyptian Dance, 10788 Roselle Street, San Diego, CA 92121

General Information: or 858-717-4252

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