Sahar Sami's Production Participation Competition

2013 - HARAM - "Unveiling the Mystery of The Forbidden Dance"


This is a contest to encourage dancers to participate in Sahar Sami’s presentation of HARAM! Unveiling The Mystery Of The Forbidden Dance to be presented at the Reichhold Center For Performing Arts in beautiful St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.  This production will be featured at the spectacular amphiteatre at one of the most beautiful Caribbean destinations on October 19, 2013. This production has been a sold out success twice in California and once in Missouri.



Magical, sensual and thought-provoking, Egyptian dance comes alive in HARAM!, a re-imagination of the evolution of one of the oldest dance forms to ever exist.  Combining elements of history, beliefs, drama, and dance, HARAM! is an enlightening and entertaining production that will surely transport the viewer through a time capsule about how Egyptian dance evolved throughout thousands of years.  HARAM!, unveils the relationship between modern Egyptians and a tradition that has survived many adversities throughout its long history. See HARAM VIDEOCLIP HERE.

This is a world class production requiring participants to be of top professional-level, dedicated dancers.  We would like to invite dancers around the world to experience this amazing show by inviting dancers and instructors to participate in this competition.  The winner(s) will be invited to perform as both member of the cast and/or as soloist.


Egyptian-style professional dancers and instructors are encouraged to participate as part of Sahar Sami's choreographic work and as a soloist.


You will be part of a first-class production featuring excellent dancers. All your travel expenses will be covered. This includes air fare from the US and Caribbean, meals, hotel acommodations and transfers. In addition, the winner will receive $USD200 as payment. If you compete from other parts of the world, you must provide your own transport to the USA, we can fly you from any point in the USA.

Additional benefits include International title, opportunity to perform as a soloist, being part of a world-class production, collaborating with other professional dancers, worldwide publicity and visibility.


I. Submission Process - Videos review - Dancers wishing to be considered will post videos of themselves on YouTube performing a choreography (either theirs or someone else’s (please credit the choreographer) and do the following:

1. Submit a competition fee via paypal of $30 (payment button below)

  1. Your name
  2. Telephone Number and email address
  3. City/State (or Country if outside the US

Competition Payment HERE. (No Refunds)


Once the above is received, you will:
  1. Upload a video of yourself performing a full choreography (preferrably your own) in a professional costume on YouTube. If you want to perform someone else's choreography, please ensure to indicate the choreographer's name on the video clip itself.
  2. A week later, you will receive a video with a choreography by Sahar Sami. You have one week to learn this choreography and videotape yourself performing it in costume and full makeup
  3. Write "Sahar Sami contest video submission" to BOTH clips you are submitting.
  4. Email the YouTube links of your videos to

II. Contest Ends - This contest will end on August 15, 2013 at 12:00am Pacific Standard Time. Winner(s) will be announced on August 16th.

III.  Selection Committee - The selection committee will be reviewing the video clips submitted. They will take a vote to select the winner(s).  We are looking for dancers who possess outstanding technical abilities and who can also be creative with props. Winners will then be announced and contacted for the next steps.

IV.  Winner’s Participation - Winner(s) will be provided with videotaped choreography(ies) that they will learn on their own; these are the pieces they will be performing in the show.  Winners will have two weeks to learn each choreography; winners must submit a video clip of themselves performing the pieces once they've learned it.  Sahar will then work directly with the winners to fine tune areas that may need work.

Register HERE


Can dancers outside of the US participate?  Yes.  we would like to involve the global dance community. All performer's travel fees will be covered including hotel acommodations, meals, transfers and air (except for dancers coming from out side the US and Caribbean - as these are the only areas where air fare will be covered for). Any additional fees including visa fees are not covered.

What else is required of the participants?  Winners must make themselves available starting Wednesday, Oct. 16 until Oct 20th for travel and rehearsals at the location for this perfomance. In addition, winners must be part of several choreographies to be performed with the rest of the SaharDance cast.

What benefits does the dancer get?  The Dancers will benefit as follows:

  1. International winner title
  2. Opportunity to perform as a soloist.
  3. The opportunity to be featured in a world class theatre dance production with a potential audience of 1,200 people. 
  4. The dancer will receive free coaching directly from Sahar Sami.
  5. The opportunity to work and network with other professional dancers.
  6. The dancer will be promoted along with the show worldwide, on the website, Facebook, Tweeter, and at some dance festivals and workshops.
  7. The opportunity to be invited to judge future competitions and/or be part of future dance events.

Will there be pay for this performance? Yes, you will receive $200 USD in addition to having all your expenses paid, per above. 

What we look for in contestants' videos? We are looking for videos that showcase your dance style and talent. You can submit any video of yourself you want, including choreographies by others so long as choreographer is credited.

Additional Requirements? You must have access to a webcam, the Internet and have at least one professional costume.

Participation space is limited! Winners will be selected objectively and not because they are friends, current or former students, or colleagues.


For additional questions contact or call 858-717-4252.


SaharDance is dedicated to belly dance excellence and to promoting Egyptian Oriental Belly dance for its beauty, history, impecable technique and fun workout in San Diego and beyond.

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