The Glitter Dance Company, A Student Troupe

The Glitter Dance Company became official on January, 2005. The company is comprised of 12 students. Each member of the company has been studying under the guidance of Sahar Sami for years. The members of the Glitter Dance Company are not only beautiful, but also talented and smart. In the daytime, they are lawyers, teachers, scientists, accountants, students, MBAs, mothers, etc. They are the perfect example of brains and beauty.

Other SaharDance students are often invited to perform with The Glitter Dance Company. Many of the Glitter Dance members are also members of the Sahar Dance Company, a professional troupe. The Glitter Dance Company often performs at faires, retirement centers fundraisers throughout San Diego.

SaharDance is dedicated to dance excellence and to promoting Egyptian Oriental Dance for its beauty, history, impecable technique and fun wo rkout in San Diego and beyond.

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