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2009 & 2010 Haram! - Unveiling the Mystery of the Forbidden Dance.
Haram unveils the evolution of Raqs Baladi (Belly Dance) --- a dance full of tradition, adulations and controversy. The audience is taken through a journey of discovery about the history of Belly Dance. Produced by Sahar Sami. This production was presented at the Coronado Theatre for the Arts June 14, 2009. By popular demand, this production was also presented Sept. 19, 2010 at the Saville Theare. Click HERE for Video Clip.




2007 & 2008 Glimpses of Cleopatra - A Dance Tale About The Greatest Queen of All
The Academy of Egyptian Dance presented Glimpses of Cleopatra: An Oriental Dance Tale of the Greatest Queen of All Time at the Saville Theatre.

Sensual, magical and compelling, Egyptian dance merges with history for Glimpses of Cleopatra, a re-imagination of the story of the greatest queen of all time! In this tribute to Cleopatra, the powerful and charismatic Egyptian ruler, experience Cleopatra's life through the eyes of a dancer. Combining elements of history, myth, drama, and dance, Glimpses of Cleopatra is enlightening as well as entertaining.

Sahar Sami, producer of the show, expressed that her "goal with this production is three-fold: to educate people about Egyptian history, in this case about the world's most powerful woman to ever live, Cleopatra; present belly dance in a professional setting - a theatre; and help needy children in Egypt." The proceeds of this production will be donated to help an orphanage in Cairo, Egypt.

"We are thrilled to be able to use our love for Oriental dance to help orphans in need" said Zahirah, a lead dancer who plays Cleopatra when she met Mark Anthony. In Glimpses of Cleopatra, the audience experiences Cleopatra's life, loves and destiny as they would have happened had Cleopatra been a dancer.


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