Our Dancers

Our Dancers are among highly trained professionals dedicated to providing classy entertainment to make your event fun and memorable.


The Sahar Dance Company

Sahar Sami, Director

The Sahar Dance Company is an elite group of dancers who are professionals.  The performers are specially trained to entertain at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events and large theater productions.  Their variety show repertoire consists of zaffas (a wedding procession), contemporary and folkloric pieces that incorporate various props appropriate for Egyptian-style dance.


The Glitter Dance Company

Zahra, Director

This outstanding group of dancers is comprised of students who have reached an intermediate level of proficiency in dance.  These students are interested in performing in public venues such as festivals, schools, fairs, senior centers, etc.

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Excellence Awards

Every Year, our student body votes for their favorite dancer and volunteer.  Dancers are selected not only for their dedication to dance or technical proficiency, but also for their friendly, caring demeanor.  The Volunteer Of The Year is given to that dancer willing to go the extra mile to help her peers.

Next Steps…

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