Certified Instructors

The following dancers successfully completed rigorous training in the Sahar Dance Techinque and are certified to teach Egyptian Dance in the level in which they are certified.

Level I - Sahar Dance Egyptian Basic Techinique Certified Instructors

Conchi (Khalima) Lillo (Spain) 2006


Zahirah Sami (NC) 2007

Zahirah Sami

Tina (Sabah) Demarchi (USA) 2007


Raquel (Raqia) Greene (USA) 2009


Christine (Ameerah) Wong (CA) 2009


Anelle (Lena) Fritz (CA) Pending Exam


Level II - Egyptian Beginner Techinique Certified Instructors

Conchi (Khalima) Lillo (Spain) 2007







In order to become a certified instructor, dancers must complete Sahar Dance Technique Level III Dancer certification. for more information on how you may get certified, please contact sahar@sahardance.com


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